Precision Haircutting

About the Author

My name is Peter Sabatini, and I’m a professional hairstylist with over forty years experience of  cutting and styling hair. I've owned and operated successful hair salons in San Francisco and London.
The history of this book starts way back in the 1960's when hair cutting was really swinging. I was fairly new to the business and wanted to learn all I could so I attended all the top hair cutting academies including Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, The Ginger Group and Alan International. I’ve seen many outstanding haircutters and hairstylists and observed excellent hairstyling techniques but none of the instructors or stylists including Vidal Sassoon could ever explain to me how and why their hair cutting techniques worked, they just knew that they did.  After much thought I realized that there was a common denominator to all good hair cutting techniques and this was the weight factor of the hair which is its ability to support its own weight, in very much the same way that plant life supports its own weight. If we look at a tree, a bush or grass they are all growing out of the ground supporting their own weight. This is what gives them their beauty and allows them to breath by allowing the air to circulate around them. Hair is very much like plant life. In order to be healthy it needs the air to circulate through it and to the scalp. It is by relating to hair as weight and understanding what is meant by its weight factor that I realized that I could break the successful hair cutting techniques down into a set of facts that explains how and why they work. So I spent the next thirty plus years putting these facts into words. It all sounds so simple now that I have completed it, but the thought process that allowed me to put it into words that were simple to understand is what took the time. This is  the problem with hair cutting education today. Students are shown different hair cutting techniques but no reasons are given that explain how and why they work. Once you can relate to hair as weight you can relate to all hair cutting and hair styling techniques.

I’ve distilled the successful hair cutting techniques into my book Haircutting A Philosophy and Science to Precision and Texturized Haircutting that fully explains in plain and simple language how and why they work. The book will also allow you to relate to all forms of hair styling from a hair cutting perspective.

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