The Book | Precision Haircutting: The weight factor of hair explains it all

Precision Haircutting

The Book

Purchase Haircutting A Philosophy and Science to Precision and Texturized Haircutting by Peter Sabatini!

Now you can learn the secrets of successful haircutting, for men and women, short and long hair. Haircutting: A Philosophy and Science to Precision and Texturized Haircutting goes beyond traditional haircutting teaching that simply demonstrates techniques. It teaches you how hair works by explaining what the natural body is in hair: its ability to support its own weight. This gives you something positive to work with that explains how and why the hair cutting techniques work. Then all you have to do is determine the three hair cutting parameters that make up a hair style: length, design line and weight distribution and you have a blue print for your hair cut. The book then shows you how to position the hair so you can cut it to the blue print. Once you can relate to hair as weight your success as a hair stylist is practically guaranteed because it allows you to create hair styles that hold their shape as the hair is growing longer and hair styles that are easy to maintain. This kind of work sells itself.

If you’re a professional stylist – or you hope to be someday – you won’t want to miss this book. Click the link below to order your copy today!